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What is an HTML Sitemap?

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    An HTML sitemap is a webpage that displays a list of all the pages on a website. Unlike an XML sitemap, which is only used for search engines, an HTML sitemap is designed to be viewed by website visitors. It is essentially a roadmap that helps users navigate through a website and find the information they are looking for.


    HTML sitemaps are useful for websites that have large amounts of content or complex navigation. They can improve the user experience by providing an easy-to-use menu of all the pages on a website. Users can quickly locate the information they need and move from one page to another without having to go back to the homepage. It also provides a method for search engines to crawl and index all of a website's pages.


    An HTML sitemap is typically organized in a hierarchical structure that reflects the structure of the website. It can be accessed from the homepage or an on-page link. It should be kept up-to-date with any changes to the website's structure or content. Creating an HTML sitemap is relatively easy and can be done manually or with the help of a sitemap generator tool.